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Flash Back Friday

My very first DIY set on  That was five years ago…

Home from late night bike ride along river. Too hot to have braid down today. #mirror #selfie #hair #braid #bathroom #goodnight

There was a blue sequin strapless dress that was worn on this.  It was pretty, but just like all the sequin go go dance outfits that I hate, with the deepest part of my bitter heart, it scratched the hell out of my under arms.  It makes my skin so irritated.  It’s almost as worse as the cheap crinoline that feels like barbed wire.

Another preview of my newest GodsGirls DIY set called Deep Pink.

Features a frilly black thong with pink bows, pink hair pieces, and cute socks with matching pink bows!



Having fun with vintage hair curlers, and my bum in fishnet garter hose.

I am a hair and make-up geek, because while I love the fishnets and all, I am excited more by the fact she is using “spoolies” which are awesome pincurl rollers that I want for vintage hair-dos

Had no idea they were called spoolies.  My mom gave them to me when she heard I started curling my hair.  She also gave me the long ones with a loop at one end, have not tried it. Have not used either actually since I got a new curling iron.


Dialogue. With @AmythiaGG.

f8 @ 1/160 sec. ISO 100. Canon 5D mark II. 70-200 f4/L.

When I was younger, I used to play backgammon regularly. It was my preferred casual game over checkers and chess. With backgammon, there’s both chaos and strategy — a hybrid between tic tac toe and poker if you will. Strangely, it’s best played with skilled players with some comfort with each other but who are not yet intimately (and I mean this in a platonic way) familiar with one another. It’s painful to watch beginners awkwardly count their way through a game. But with skilled players, it’s an effortless ballet where the rolls of the dice are fluidly played all while chatting about completely unrelated topics. When you have people who are too intimately familiar, the challenge of the gambling side of the game is lost as you can predict when they’ll double and when they’ll bow out. But when you’re still learning about the opponent, the conversation becomes part of the game, sensing weakness, probing for style, all couched in a discussion of the latest literary genius.

I think a good photo shoot is like that. I’ve discovered that the people I work best with can effortlessly move between deep conversations on the meaning of reality and lighter topics like sushi preference. But underneath the seemingly meaningless chatter is the goal of getting the model to open up and reveal her true personality rather than the facade she dons. The challenge is what makes shooting in itself interesting.

Not everyone is like that though. Last night, for instance. I knew five minutes into the conversation that it wasn’t going to work out. (And that’s the reason I always go for coffee before shooting with someone. At least with coffee, there’s the possibility that the moment you walk out the door you don’t have to deal with them again.) Here’s the thing though: it would have been rude to walk out at the five minute mark mumbling something about not having the right chemistry. And I hate being the bad guy. So my solution is this: When I describe how I do things, it sounds like a painful and onerous endeavour filled with all kinds of artsy angst. I like to think though that the reality is much lighter and casual. But when confronted with someone who I sense won’t work out, my (somewhat) subconscious strategy seems to be to ratchet the artsy angst to 11 in an effort to scare them away. Then, when they don’t return a follow up message or the follow up shoot never materializes, I can’t be blamed for not putting in a fair effort.

There you go. I’ve given away my strategy for alienating people and losing friends.

Don’t forget to check out my newest completely nude set on Zivity.

Photography by JTYoung 

Photography by Queen Bathurst

Photoset for Zivity

You can see my Zivity profile here.  This set is actually going to be live on Zivity next month, so you will have to be patient to see it.  But I already have two sets up on zivity that deserve some voting attention.

Having fun with vintage hair curlers, and my bum in fishnet garter hose.

Did you know this was my first DIY I submitted to Gods Girls?  It’s call Amorous.  And it is probably one of my favorite sets that I have up.  I have 24 live sets, 8 of them were done professionally by Carmina Foto, she is a talented sweet heart.

You can see all my sets at my GodsGirls profile here.

Alt Porn : Glitter me up Alt Porn! at Gods

Watch me cover my self in glitter. On a mirror. I found a new way to shoot my ass.

I will tumbl a pic of the glitter later. <3