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Artemis shows off her beautiful booty in her new set on

Received the loveliest laced up panties in the mail today.  They fit perfectly. Thank you! They are made by

Went to the hygienist at the dentist office.  I have been so relieved that after 5 years of not seeing the dentist, I still have healthy teeth.  Apparently I am not prone to tar tar build up, and there were some harmless staining (probably from my diet of tea and fruit smoothies).  The only issue that came up is that fact that I have been grinding my teeth so much over the years that some of the tips are smoothed out on my teeth and it may have also resulted in some extreme pain from sensitive teeth.  

Sexy night mouth guard here I come.  Some people have a fetish for that don’t they?

Pretty lace underwear under my comfy hippy clothes.

Pretty lace underwear under my comfy hippy clothes.

Mmm Purple and black dots.  I like the look of lace against my skin…


always see this without credit.

Amythia of Godsgirls

Thanks Pony!

Some one make this photo b/w!  I like the purple better ^__^

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And this is what Amythia wears to a hardcore techno rave.

Photography by

Vote for me in the Happy Birthday Betty Page Contest on Zivity

Amythia Varietease: My second set on!  Click here and take a peek at it.  You can register and vote for it as it was picked to be in the Betty Page contest

Have you checked out my first set that went live on Zivity yet?


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