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Received the loveliest laced up panties in the mail today.  They fit perfectly. Thank you! They are made by

Went to the hygienist at the dentist office.  I have been so relieved that after 5 years of not seeing the dentist, I still have healthy teeth.  Apparently I am not prone to tar tar build up, and there were some harmless staining (probably from my diet of tea and fruit smoothies).  The only issue that came up is that fact that I have been grinding my teeth so much over the years that some of the tips are smoothed out on my teeth and it may have also resulted in some extreme pain from sensitive teeth.  

Sexy night mouth guard here I come.  Some people have a fetish for that don’t they?


GodsGirls Photo of the Day  ♥  Amythia in Naughted

We’ve got all the goodies right here. Pass it on! ^_^

That’s me ^_^


Amythia. Everything about this picture makes me swoon.

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I am Asian, and have this.
Miracle or freak of nature?



Love finding random blogs about me.  Even though my bum and the panties were not in focus, they still chose it.  If you join GG, there are photos of my non-blurry bum :)

Another preview of my newest GodsGirls DIY set called Deep Pink.

Features a frilly black thong with pink bows, pink hair pieces, and cute socks with matching pink bows!


Best Attributes. With @AmythiaGG. 

f8 @ 1/160 sec. ISO 100. Canon 5D mark II. EF 24-105/f4L IS.

She says her ass is her best feature. I’m inclined to agree.

Go Go Dancer Amy Darlingof La Gogue Inc. (aka Amythia of

Photography by FyrePhreak

Purple American Apparel panties.



Having fun with vintage hair curlers, and my bum in fishnet garter hose.

I am a hair and make-up geek, because while I love the fishnets and all, I am excited more by the fact she is using “spoolies” which are awesome pincurl rollers that I want for vintage hair-dos

Had no idea they were called spoolies.  My mom gave them to me when she heard I started curling my hair.  She also gave me the long ones with a loop at one end, have not tried it. Have not used either actually since I got a new curling iron.

Naughted. Shot by Carmina Foto. Knotted by Brian.


Limitations are bittersweet.