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Broken Umbrella by ~neverman

An artist referencing my body for his art.



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At SNOWBLOWER 2011, with La Gogue Inc.

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Her eyes…

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Her eyes…


Koushoku Painting by Nobuyoshi Araki


I admire Geishas/Maikos for their elegance and mysterious beauty. Shame there are so little of them left nowadays.

Art is courtesy of Ebo Gallery

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Oscar Wilde’s The Sphinx, 1894. Illustrated by Charles Ricketts.
Perhaps the most beautiful book designed in the 1890s, The Sphinx is a tour de force of decadent style. Wilde’s elaborate poem inspired Charles Ricketts’ type design, use of three muted colors of ink - cinnamon, forest, and black - and his exquisite woodcut illustrations. Ricketts and his lover Charles Shannon were members of Wilde’s circle and Wilde was a frequent visitor to their studio, The Vale. Basil Hallward’s studio in the opening scene of The Picture of Dorian Gray is modeled after their studio. [ftp]

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Epic battle.

Viewing Junko Mizuno’s work is like getting your ass kicked five different ways. At first you think it’s fuzzy and adorable, kind of like Precious Moments meets typical anime mascot cuteness- then you notice the blood, the nudity, the black magic. Junko’s girls don’t just pull at your heart-strings, they pull out your guts. This is what would happen if all those cute, mute icons that little girls are supposed to love and emulate suddenly woke up and went on a murderous, self-empowered rampage. Realizing their sexuality, their physical power and their individuality, they carve a path for themselves right through your expectations. What results is the perfect mixture of not-quite-right and deliciously wrong.


Saturno Buttò, Pony Girl, 2009

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