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One of my sets from

Happy Birthday Pimple.


Mo shùile togam suas. With Amythia.

Apologies to Amythia — I discovered this one after the initial batch. There are layers of irony in the title.

Google helps me understand everything.

Another one from my shoot with JT Young


Meow. With Amythia.


Haunted. With Amythia.

31 weeks

Photography by JT Young

This was such a super sexy outfit!  View full set on my profile at

29 Week Pregnant Self Portrait

Canon EOS 5D

View the rest on Flickr

Some one brought over a bag full of goodies.  Star shaped fudge was my first pick.

Flash Back Friday

My very first DIY set on  That was five years ago…

PervX-17(M) on Flickr.

Going through my flickr photos and updating it with new photos. A flashback to Polaroid photos done by therealAARONDUNN

This happens on

much sexy

so nerd