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Donate any amount to my Extra Life donation page!  I will be playing Ingress for the day with my son, smashing Res fields, increasing the power of the Enl.  All the proceeds will go to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.  It is important to me to continually fund all aspects of child care because we are raising future leaders, artists, collaborators, healers, writers, and more.  ENL FTK FTW I am 42% towards my goal of $1000.  Please help me help the kids!

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Lurking in the dark… #linecamera

Such a nice day to be out in the country #linecamera

at Blackbyrd Myoozik

From the darkness we shine. #linecamera #goodnightselfie

Waiting in the car selfie. lace skull scarf I wear almost every day now, gifted by a mom I donate breast milk to. <3 #linecamera

Feathers in a jar on a shelf. Art by @dirtyrazzlejazz #linecamera


Art of Oscar Delmer

(via mirahxox)

(via mirahxox)

#linecamera #unicornpower

#hellokitty #foot #toes

Loving this rug for the nursery. Rainy day, but still might go out later to pick up a cheesy grandpa mug. Until then, Albert sweater snuggles and cosy feedings. #momstagram #mumblr

Stripes for @vishaloo