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at Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre

Going through heels that don’t fit any more. Not sure if these magically still fit or my inability to part with these Vivienne Westwood Mary Jane heels are squeezing my feet in and the pain is not registering…

Just napping. #momlife

After glow of hot yoga. Baby snuggles after feeding. #momlife #momstagram #linecamera #linestickers #mumblr

Early for appointment at hospital, waiting in a pretty garden. (at Central Memorial Park)

Double milk jugs.

Sun baked.

It’s so hot… hope that food truck comes back, I want another mango calipop. (at Riley Park)

For those enjoying the Stampede this week.  Honestly, I think finding a meaningful relationship is a more important goal then just getting wasted and laid for the night.  Also: safe sex, be respectful in residential areas, don’t walk around wearing a bloody fetus sandwich board, and drink lots of water.

If I nap with him I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep tonight. But it’s… So… Comfortable and warm… #momstagram #mumblr


Taken from a Lilith & Vine performance at The Fall in Vancouver. Makeup by M3. Nipples = extrasensory glittery pink perception.

The smell of rain is my favorite. I wish the storm lasted through the night. #asian #selfie #linecamera #linestickers #bangs


We have a new set on godsgirls today with my best naked partners in crime filthygood and blathh

if you like cat butts and my goofy face and scissoring you won’t be disappointed ✂️

(via replicantgoodies)

Home sweet home. #yyc